What is the New Sonoran Coastal Highway

“$200M Sonora highway goal: to build tourism. President Vicente Fox visited Sonora on Tuesday April 2005 and inaugurated an ambitious $200 million coastal highway in Puerto Penasco. Construction started in April, 2005 on the highway, which will eventually lead Arizona travelers along the Sea of Cortez to Guaymas with mostly a beautiful coastal and ocean view that is suppose to be no more than six miles from the beach. Eventually, the highway will be lined by tourist stops, restaurants, stores and industry, said Oscar Lopez, the director of the Sonoran coastal highway project. Last year, Puerto Penasco alone drew 1.8 million visits, primarily from Arizona. San Carlos attracted about 250,000.

Construction is already under way on a 375-mile coastal highway that will connect North Americans to the Sonoran beaches of Puerto Penasco by 2006 and Guaymas by 2009 (presently not on schedule). Nearly under way is a 350-mile pipeline to be built by 2008 to carry liquefied natural gas from Puerto Libertad to Hermosillo, Guaymas, Ciudad Obregon, Navojoa and Naco, Sonora. Eventually, a line will connect to Nogales, Sonora. From there, the natural gas would be piped for distribution to markets in the western United States.”


How is the New Highway’s Northern Portion Progressing?

The Sonoran Coastal Highway is to be completed in 4 stages.  The 1st phase was to connect Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) to El Gulfo Santa Clara.  The 2nd Phase is to upgrade the highway from El Gulfo to the Mexicali Mexico.  The 3rd Phase was connecting Puerto Penasco to Puerto Libertad. The Final Phase was to connect Puerto Libertad to Guaymas / San Carlos.

Great News!    As of December 17, 2008,  phase one was completed linking up Rocky Point to El Gulfo Santa Clara. At the same time, there has been some improvements on the road from El Gulfo to Mexicali.   We would appreciate it for anyone driving this route to email us with an update on the widening & improvements made on phase two.   In addition we would like reports on the Mexicali border crossing. Thank you and enjoy the 2 hours “plus” savings of time by avoiding Sonoyta.





  1. Diego Gamez dice:

    I would like to drive from Puerto Penasco to Mexicali on early August. Do you have information on the condition of this road?, safety, etc., and I will be crossing into US at the Calexico Port of Entry.

  2. obson dice:

    Mira, Diego, mapas encontraras muchos, de como llegar a Rocky Point, en cuanto a las condiciones de la Carretera no tengo la menor idea, aunque no se de quejas al respecto,
    posiblemente sea mejor te comuniques a la oficina de turismo de sonora para que te informes mejor!!!


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