Garita Sonoyta Lukeville a favor del Turismo

Publicado: mayo 5, 2009 en A mi Sonora, Articles on English, Articulos en Español, Economia, Gobierno
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Authorities from the Tourism Coordinating Office of Sonora (Coordinacion de Fomento al Turismo en Sonora) brought to attention the serious situation presented at the border crossing point between Sonoyta and Lukeville during the Arizona-Sonora Tourism Commission in Tucson last weekend. They pointed out the long lines of foreign vehicles waiting more than four hours when returning to the USA.

Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, Coordinator of Tourism of Sonora, pointed out that this situation put at risk the return of tourists to Sonora, so they are looking for involvement by federal authorities from both sides of the border to modernize the border crossing point.

During the tourism working session of the Arizona-Sonora Commission, where sector representatives from both states attended, a top-down overview of the present situation was exposed, so it is expected more participation from federal authorities to expand this important crossing which represents income generation and economic diversification on both sides of the border.

Salido pointed that he made direct contact with a U.S. Customs and Border Protection department representative, Mrs. Donna de la Torre, and they agreed to have soon a new working meeting to establish lines of action and the necessary resource allocation to modernize the border crossing point between Sonoyta and Lukeville.

Salido Pavlovich added that it is necessary to have a more expeditious crossing, given that every weekend long lines with more that four thousand vehicles wait at least four hours to return to the USA.

He also mentioned that these measures are necessary to make the situation more controllable, especially during weekends and vacation time, so they expect to have good results in the modernization and enlargement of the border crossing where most of the tourism traffic is headed to Puerto Peñasco.



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