Written by Martin J Polutranko

Welcome to San Carlos, where the “desert meets the sea.”

San Carlos is a relatively new resort destination that has become “The Secret Jewel” of Mexico and home to a few thousand Americans and Canadians.


San Carlos, Sonora Mexico, officially became a “commissariat” of Guaymas (pronounced why-mus”) in September of 1963.

Guaymas is a seaport city with more than 150,000 residents, just 11km (seven miles) southeast of San Carlos.


The area was occupied by the fierce Guaymenas Indian tribe for more then 2,000 years, and discovered by the Spanish in 1539.

They created enough resistance for the Spanish that they were not able to occupy the San Carlos and Guaymas area until the 18th century.

San Carlos is a community that is rich in Mexican culture and tradition, with all the modern day amenities, making it the best of both worlds.

Easily accessible from land, air and sea; ranked as one of the worlds best deep sea sport fishing locations with spectacular scuba diving and snorkeling hot spots, kayak trips, relaxing on the white sand beaches, community events, tournaments, horseback riding into the mountain trails, exciting night life and international cuisine.


San Carlos has something for everyone regardless of age or activity levels.

Coastal property values have continued to skyrocket in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

This makes it very easy to recognize the potential of San Carlos.


Knowing that the development plans stretch over several decades ensures continual growth and market appreciation.

Investing now is getting in on the ground floor, as opportunities like this are indeed very rare.

In the fall of 2008, the Guaymas/San Carlos area will host the addition of luxury cruise ships to the Mexican port of call itinerary, thus bringing even more global attention and awareness to San Carlos.


The warm sun mixes perfectly with the breeze off the ocean.

The royal blue water with picturesque white sand beaches lining it down the horizon. Towering mountain peaks and lush desert valleys.

This is San Carlos:

Typical weather in San Carlos ranges from 17/ C to 26/C in the winter months to 25/C to 38/C in the summer.

One fact often overlooked yet extremely important is the location of San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez.

The Baja California peninsula provides a natural barrier of protection against extreme weather patterns developed in the Pacific Ocean.

If you are here for a weekend getaway, a couple of months or year round, San Carlos has everything that you should expect from a sea side resort community.

Once you have seen this magical place, you will know that it is truly special, you will know that you are “living in paradise.” San Carlos is a wonderful place to visit and to call “home”.

Fuente: San Carlos Development Guide

  1. manina leyva w. dice:

    Hermoso nuestro estado, lo mejor de lo mejor.


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