Oviachic Lake in Mexico Between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Gulf of California

Publicado: febrero 21, 2010 en A mi Sonora, Articles on English, Curiosidades, General, Localizacion, Noticias
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The brown contours of the Sierra Madre Occidental descend into green hills and then tan coastal plans in this image of Mexico along the Gulf of California. Parts of the coastline, particularly in the state of Sinaloa (right), are characterized by many long, narrow sandbars and small islands.

Lake Oviachic, also referred to as the Álvaro Obregón Reservoir, appears as a dark blue curved form in the upper left quadrant, north of Ciudad Obregón. This artificial lake is found in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental, and fed and drained by the Yaqui River.

A series of other artificial lakes are visible on the right side of the image. Lake Luis Donaldo Colosio appears golden in color and has a winding shape. Below it is the larger, green Miguel Hidalgo Reservoir on the Fuerte River. Further south, the smaller Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Reservoir on the Alamos River appears dark blue.

Source: Earth Snapshot, www.eosnap.com

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