Originally owned by Grupo Sematur who opperated a small ferry service between Santa Rosalia and Guaymas, however following the privatization of Sematur in 1989 and several years of declining profits, Sematur went out of business and the ferry routes were discontinued.

A new company reopened the ferry service from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia. The Santa Rosalia Ferry is a smaller boat than the ferries that are operated by Baja Ferries in La Paz and even though there is a posted shedule it is not very reliable. For reliable ferry service Baja Ferries a private company runs ferries from La Paz to Mazatlan and La Paz to Los Mochis daily.

The Santa Rosalia Ferry provides transportation of passengers and vehicles in confortable acomodations from Guaymas Sonora to Santa Rosalía Baja California and vice versa.

The ferry travel times are approximately 7 to 9 hours depending on weather. If you’re taking a car to the mainland, you must obtain a vehicle permit before boarding and must have valid Mexican Auto Insurance papers and a tourist card.

Tourism officials in reccommend that you obtain the insurance, permit and card when crossing the U.S. border into Baja, where offices are better equipped to handle the paperwork than those in La Paz.

More Info: www.mexbound.com

  1. tere dice:

    me pudieran informar como obtengo informacion para el ferry guaymas santa rosalia ya ue quiero viajar con mi carro.

  2. Alonso Rodriguez dice:

    Hola necesito saber si el ferry de guaymas a santa rosalia tambien sube camiones con carga porque viajo en trailer de 32 mts. gracias.

  3. Jesus Arvayo dice:

    Hola me podrian dar el presio por persona a la santa rosalia o paquete de guaymas a santa rosalia y topolobanpo


    Hola buen dia!!
    como me contacto con RH para ver en obtener trabajo.
    Yo ya tengo experiencio en barcos. BF.


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