About 7 years ago the traditional Rocky Point Triathlon found a new home at Las Palomas, where it is now sponsored by Red Rock Co., an event production corporation from AZ specializing in producing multi-sports events. On March 31st, the Las Palomas Triathlon will be back to take over the beach out in front of Las Palomas!

Casey Brown, event director for the upcoming Las Palomas Triathlon, tells us this triathlon continues to grow and they expect more than 600 athletes this year, plus another 200 spectators on the beach alone! While most of the athletes come from Arizona, there are those that come in from California, Colorado, Nevada, and spots across the Midwest. In addition, Brown explains, the number of attendees from Mexico has been growing over the past few years.

Since this event was brought back to Puerto Peñasco, Red Rock has also been committed to giving back to the community at large. They ask participants to please bring NON-PERISHABLE food and clothing to donate to the community. Thanks to everyone’s generosity over the past few years, triathletes from the event have filled 3 trucks of clothing for the community.

When asked about any safety concerns Red Rock Co. may have about Rocky Point, Casey enthusiastically tells us “We are excited to be traveling down to Rocky Point, Mexico to produce this race for the 7th year in a row! We have never had any issues and work closely with the city and police, which have been incredibly supportive of this event. There has never been a fear of safety. It’s a time to kick back, relax, race and enjoy everything Rocky Point and the Las Palomas Resort have to offer!”

For more information on the Rocky Point Olympic and Sprint Triathlon options, plus 10/5k runs, check with Red Rock Co. plus there are discounts for local Rocky Point residents. For Fantastic Discounted Las Palomas Triathlon Room Rates use the code: Tri012

The Rocky Point Triathlon has been listed in Triathlete Magazine’s top 100, and in 2010 was named one of the 5 races with the best post-event festivities!! So, on March 31st bring out the family and friends for the Fiesta at Las Palomas! Casey assures us this year’s Fiesta will be one for the books!

Source: cometorockypoint.com


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